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VA - Sturm Und Drang (Betercore / Soberesponse / Point of Few / Office Killer)

I guess it was the 31st of December 2000 actually that I was in a squat in the Vlampijpstraat in Utrecht for a New Year's eve gig. It was a huge factory hall and it was cold. That is about all I remember from that evening. I don't remember the bands, but I do remember some squatters breathing fire outside, and cheap beers. I think the squat didn't last very long, but soon afterwards the great Vliegende Hond (the Flying Dog) squat opened, with its gigs, give-away shop, vegan restaurant (the Black Lentil!) and Bonkers indoor skatepark. Surely I will refer to the Vliegende Hond in other posts.

However, getting back to that New Year's eve gig, that's where I got this extremely good compilation: Sturm und Drang. Four Dutch hardcore and powerviolence bands (with a bit of screamo as well) on one 12" (played at 666/20 rpm!): Betercore, Point of Few, Soberesponse and Office Killer. At the time of its release in 2000 (with a release party at the legendary Parkhof in Betercore's hometown Alkmaar), three of the four bands were still active, because Office Killer had already broken up. From its ashes rose the almighty screamo band Shikari, who played the release party. The record was released by Wastedyouthpower records, the label of Betercore guitarplayer (and also sometime Vitamin X drummer) Geert-Jan.

First up is Betercore with its youthcrustcore. This was their 2nd release, and before Billy Boycot joined them on 2nd vocal. Great chaotic noise, with good lyrics about commercial hardcore, vegetarianism, politics, pro choice, etc.

Next is Soberesponse from Amsterdam. They started out more or less as a youth crew band, than changed into a more social/communist hardcore band. On their reunion gig at the Thrashfest in 2005 it was quite clear that (almost) all members had lost the edge and they didn't make much impact. Anyway, I prefer these songs over their EP as well.

Side B of the record starts with Point of Few. I always loved their EP's and splits, but live I always preferred Betercore. Their gigs were quite energetic and chaotic, which was good fun, but always some instrument, a cord or whatever would break and take the speed out of the gig. Still one of the best 'Dutch thrash on the rise' bands from that time. I still love playing the Joy Division-esque bass part of 'Competition'.

Finally it's time for Office Killer, who I never saw live. Honestly it's my least favourite band from this comp, but the good thing is that its members formed Shikari and made some great records and did awesome gigs!

Various Artists - Sturm Und Drang (2000)


  1. Count Us Out
  2. Pro Choice
  3. Consequences
  4. Vlees = vies
  5. Hooded Sweater
  6. Stand Up and Speak
  7. For the Sake of Independence
  8. PVVDA
  9. Bill Gates Society


  1. Inner Peace
  2. Kind is Dead
  3. Facelift
  4. Anything
  5. Burn the Flag
  6. Let 'em pay

POINT OF FEW (Hoogeveen)

  1. Freedom inside of a Cage
  2. Point of Few Anthem
  3. Make a Stand
  4. Competition
  5. Crucial Standard
  6. Weight Lift
  7. Sick Boy
  8. Provocation


  1. Ripped
  2. Frontyard
  3. Acid
  4. Deadend
  5. No more Enemies

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SHELTER - Live @ Dynamo Open Air 1996 (Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

First of all, to get this straight, I am not a hare krishna fanatic. Even after many years I still think all organised religion is pure shit, no matter what names you call your 'gods'. I don't think religion should be a part of hardcore punk at all.


Okay, now that's cleared up, I will have to admit that I like some albums by Shelter quite a lot. Even though I don't agree with their religious beliefs, many of their lyrics are actually more about philosophy than about some higher being (I think their first albums did include a lot more religious mombajomba, but my voyage with Shelter starts with Mantra). And in that way they're quite inspiring when you need some uplifting after listening to depressive sludge metal for too much weeks in a row. It's like springtime arrived after a long winter! Although I'm 100% fan of keeping religion out of hardcore, you may call Mantra, When 20 Summers Pass and The Purpose The Passion my guilty pleasures...

Flashback to 1996 or 1997. A friend of mine bought Mantra and of course the same day I had a tape of it. My knowledge of punk and hardcore was limited to The Offspring, Green Day, Rancid, Ramones and the Punk-O-Rama 2 comp, so maybe I could regard this the first 'hardcore' album I listened to (although listening back to this great album, somehow it also fit in with the rap-rock like Rage Against the Machine and poppunk bands of the time). I loved it! In fact, reading the lyrics of civilised man was actually raising my awareness of vegetarianism, so I guess that's a winner.

On 12 February 1998 Shelter played in Amsterdam, at the Milky Way venue. Of course my friend and I had to go to see them. We were both 17 years old, but in those days that did not cause as much concern when you wanted to obtain some alcohol or weed. It was only three months earlier that I first tried smoking weed and it was okay, even though I never was a huge fan of it.
But anyway, that day we were waiting for Shelter to play and checking out some of the merch (even though we didn't have money to buy anything) and watching all these hardcore kids with X's on their hands. Even though I wasn't aware at the time, this was probably the time the straight edge scene in Amsterdam was at its top, with the Return of the X-Men Festival taking place just half a year before. So, there were many hxc kids in there, and my friend and I, completely unaware of what the X really meant (remember, no WikiHow on how to be straight edge existed in those days!), decided to show how hardcore we were, and went to borrow a marker and X up as well. Probably we were already 'under the influence' while doing it. To add to our innocent hypocrisy, we still had a joint to smoke. That was the time that smoking inside venues was still allowed, so while watching Nastasee playing some sort of Dog Eat Dog style raprock (still, their version of 'Why can't we be friends' was a lot better than Smash Mouth's), we decided to sit on the floor at the back of the balcony and smoke the famous Dutch grass, passing the joint in our X'ed up hands... I know it sounds stupid, but it's also a lovely story of youthful ignorance, right? What I remember of Shelter was that they played an energetic show. Fortunately I don't remember them playing many songs from Beyond Planet Earth, instead focusing on the material from Mantra.

Later on we actually understood a little more about what hardcore and straight edge was about. During my late teens, early twenties, I've had my straight edge moments, a few months at a time, than selling out again... But now it's been already about ten years since my last beer, so although the start of my relation with the sXe was a bit bumpy, so I guess in the end this story ends well.

Classic Shelter photo: Ray Cappo with Porcell in the background
I recently found this concert of Shelter from 1996 on the Dynamo Open Air festival in Holland on YouTube. Fortunately they had toned down the krishna robes a little by this time. I liked it enough to download and edit the tracks to put on this blog. All credit goes to whoever taped the show and to Onno van der Wijden for uploading it to Youtube!

Even though Dynamo traditionally was a metal festival, the 1996 line-up reflected the popularity of skatepunk and hardcore at the time. Both on the Skatefest and the main stage, there were plenty of skatepunk/core bands around: Slapshot, Down by Law, Millencolin, Pennywise, Satanic Surfers, CIV and of course Shelter. That last one played twice actually: on Saturday at the main stage and on Sunday at the skatefest. So as you can hear on this recording (which is not top-notch, but good enough in my opinion), man familiar faces met at Dynamo. And probably that's why Sammy Siegler (Side by Side, Youth of Today, Judge, Rival Schools and, uhm, Limp Bizkit) joins Shelter for a rendition of Youth of Today's 'Break Down the Walls'. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me!!

SHELTER - Live @ Dynamo Open Air 1996

  1. The Message of the Bhagavat
  2. Shelter
  3. Empathy
  4. Appreciation
  5. Letter to a Friend
  6. Civilised Man
  7. Here we go
  8. We can work it out (The Beatles)
  9. Saranagati
  10. Break Down The Walls (Youth of Today)
  11. Mantra
  12. Disengage (Youth of Today)

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HEROS & ZEROS - Discography 1998-2007

A post about a band from Amsterdam that was quite fun: Heros and Zeros. I have seen them only once, somewhere around 2001 I think. At that time I already could appreciate quite a lot of classic Oi! bands, but I wasn't very much into the newer bands. Since then my musical tastes and knowledge have increased quite a lot and nowadays I actually like many Oi! and streetpunk bands. I will probably post some more fine Oi! in the future.

Oi! bands are always a hassle. Which side are they on? Are some of their members fencewalkers or plain right-wing assholes or not? YES, I am P.C. so I DO care about these things. So-called 'a-political oi!' is the worst because some of these bands don't mind playing with any racist fuck that they may find, even though they don't sing explicitly about these themes. I won't go as far as the Grauzone antifa's (although I do value their opinion, sometimes they seem to be able to link any band on earth to some kind of dodgy character), but still I try to do my research.

Luckily there are some labels that are 100% safe for great antifascist, antiracist oi!, such as Mad Butcher Records from Germany. That brings me to Heros & Zeros, since their full-length from 2003 was released on that label. I actually thought they lasted for just a short period, but it seems that they played from 1998 until 2007 more or less. It's a great band if you like 'current and former members of...', because more or less all members have been involved in other bands. Singer Marco is famous for touring the entire world with Vitamin X (straight edge political hardcore) of course, but other members play or have played in bands such as Soberesponse (ex-sXe socialist hardcore), Anomalys, The Works and Wanderlust. The full length features the saxophone from the Stage Bottles on some songs.

It's just fun streetpunk anthems with a trumpet thrown in, without going ska or anything like that. Like Maraboots from Fance for example, but more streetpunk and less oi! (if you get the idea). And they have to be from the Netherlands, because what self-respecting oi!-band from another country could record a song called 'Who stole my bicycle?'....

As they have acknowledged themselves in interviews, they've also been quite a lazy band: from their inception in 1998 until the end in 2007 they just released one 7", one full-length and one track for the compilation 'Tales from the Street vol. 2'. So here's the entire discography of Heros and Zeros!

HEROS & ZEROS - Heros & Zeros 7" (2001)

  1. Intro
  2. Sloba
  3. We don't like you
  4. Left behind
  5. Rights
  6. Worker's power
  7. Try it
  8. Tonite

HEROS & ZEROS - Wake-Up Call (2003)

  1. One solution
  2. The blood
  3. S.F.Y.B.
  4. Sunday morning
  5. Bicycle
  6. Ghetto anthem
  7. Another song
  8. Maniac
  9. Those old kicks
  10. Rambling man (Hank Williams cover)
  11. S.O.S.
  12. Baby c'mon
  13. Queen of rock
  14. Night city
  15. No room for you (from 'Tales from the Street 2')

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Punk rock changed my life...
It's easy to quote the late great Minutemen when discussing many topics, but if we're talking about music and idea(l)s, I cannot stress enough that great music indeed has the power to make people think. It did it to me at least...

What would have happened had I not discovered punkrock at the age of 14? Who knows. Would I have been a vegetarian? Perhaps. Would I have stopped drinking alcohol? I doubt it. Would I still have had the idea that a change IS possible to improve this world in the 4th decade of my existence on earth? I don't think so.

Great music influenced my way of viewing the world to a large extend. Inspring lyrics (like Dead Stool Pigeon for example) have inspired me in a great way to become the person that I am today. From the book recommendations in the booklets of Rage Against the Machine, to lyrics inspiring lyrics about DIY culture, straight edge, activism, human rights, socialism, communism and anarchism, etc. An EP or LP will not change the world, but it might change a person.


DeadStoolPigeon (or Dead Stool Pigeon) was formed out of the ashes of ManLiftingBanner, the legendary 'red edge' (communist straight edge hardcore) band from the Netherlands. Michiel and Bart of MLB were joined by Pepijn of Amsterdam based surf-skate-punk-band NRA and Thomas of the great theatrical punks Human Alert to continue with their songs about class struggle. The result was a more melodical continuation of the MLB sound. Excellent stuff, but unfortunately largely underappreciated in the worldwide HC scene. No videos on YouTube, hardly any blogs sharing their music... Perhaps it was because they only played for a short time, 4 years. They quit in 1997, just before I got more into hardcore to be able to have seen them live unfortunately.

So here it is. In one zipfile you will find (almost) all songs that have appeared on recordings by DeadStoolPigeon: their three own releases, the two live songs from Holland Sux and one of the songs from the cover split EP with ManLiftingBanner. The only song that is missing is the cover they did of 'True Blue' (not by Madonna, but by Underdog). To compensate this, I threw in an interview (in Dutch) Michiel did on Dutch national radio (VPRO) on the legendary punkrock show Mr. Lee's Mysterious Washing Machine.

Deadstoolpigeon - This World (1995)

  1. Clockface
  2. This World
  3. Die Empty
  4. Across the Limit
  5. Carving
  6. No Man Alone
  7. Less than Half Man
  8. Scrape
  9. Hunt Down
  10. Charity for the Rich

Deadstoolpigeon - Strike Anthem (1996)

  1. Retribute
  2. B.U.R.T. (Build Up Resistance Today)
  3. Dead Weight
  4. Militant / Blame the Victim
  5. Strike Anthem

Deadstoolpigeon - Statue (1997)

  1. Broken Man
  2. Gonna Burn
  3. Adrift
  4. Motive
  5. Gimme Some
  6. Statue
  7. World to Win
  8. Bones Skin Flesh
  9. Times Like These
  10. Traitor
  11. The End of It
  12. Rising Tide

Bonus tracks

  • Motive (live) - Holland Sux compilation (1998)
  • Times Like These (live) - Holland Sux compilation (1998)
  • Commitment (Alone in a Crowd cover) - Split EP with ManLiftingBanner (2014)
  • Interview on Mr. Lee's Mysterious Washing Machine (1997)

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RATTENKOP - Sergio Androide

Time for some shameless self-promotion... For the past two years I've been playing in a hardcore punkband called RATTENKOP (Rat's Face in English). We've played around Mexico City quite a lot, and at the moment of writing we're in the middle of some shows in other Mexican cities, together with our grinding friends of Dismorfia (click and check out their demo!!).

We play fast hardcore punk with political lyrics (because I still believe in the credo 'Words not just music', as coined by Seein' Red). For the moment really all of our songs are in Spanish (with my funny foreign accent of course), but in the future I plan to mix some Dutch and English lyrics as well. No borders, no flags, no states, etc.!!

These five songs are on our bandcamp page, you can download them for free over there. In a few weeks time we'll release two splits, one with grindcore bands and another one with hardcore bands. Keep tuned for those gems!!

(Ah by the way, the man on the cover is Sergio Andrade (or Sergio Androide as we like to call him), a famous Mexican actor/singer who was arrested for kidnapping and abusing underage girls. In other words, an utter utter utter utter bastard!!)

  1. Muéstrame el camino
  2. Estamos condenados
  3. SS-21 (Secta Suicida del Siglo XXI)
  4. ¿Libertad?
  5. Bolillo con atole

martes, 29 de marzo de 2016

DIGITAL OCTOPUS - 12" + bonus songs

No personal story involved here, just a compilation of the songs posted on the Château Vergogne YouTube channel by Digital Octopus, so you can download and dance to them any time you like.

Digital Octopus is a one-man electro/synth/italopop project by Maxine, the drummer of the great French oi! band Rixe and bass player of Skate Gang (which I haven't heard yet). He selects punk and oi! tracks and turns them into '80s synth/new beat tracks. Genius!!! Great stuff for all your punk afterparties...

The 12" was a 'bootleg' (not really) edited by La Vida Es Un Mus records. You can read more about Digital Octopus in this interview with Maxine on the Australian blog 'Stitches in My Head and & Blow Blood'.

  1. I Don't Like You (Skrewdriver)
  2. Voice of a Generation (Blitz)
  3. Can't Tell No One (Negative Approach)
  4. What You Want (Sheer Mag)
  5. Anti-War (Bloodkrow Butcher)
  6. Prisoner of the CIA (Savageheads)
  7. Pharmacist's Daughter (NOFX)
  8. Pomme d'Amour (Willy et Junior)
  9. Hybrid Moments (Misfits)
  10. Kill My Boss (Thrashington D.C.)
  11. I Got Your Number (Cock Sparrer)
  12. Bed Bugs (Crazy Spirit)

P.S. If you want more electro covers of (hardcore) punk songs, check out the album "Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Soft Pink Truth?" by the The Soft Pink Truth. It's not as upbeat as Digital Octopus at all, but it has electro cover versions of Crass, Minor Threat and Die Kreuzen.

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Amsterdam squatter ska band Skatonomen called it a day somewhere around 2003/2004. I have only seen them play twice I think, at the end of hardcore/punk/crust gigs in squats like De Blauwe Aanslag in The Hague and UBICA in Utrecht (actually, my memory might be wrong about the places, but I'm pretty sure it was in these two). Imagine a sweaty crowd that is quite intoxicated at the end of 3 or 4 punk bands in a scrummy place and then these guys start playing their mix of ska-punk-klezmer music. It really keeps the party going!
I actually like quite a few ska bands, but many of them are too standard, with their checkered logos, same two-tone style songs and many times not-too-interesting lyrics. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, Mr. Review for example really is a step above the rest in my opinion. But anyway, this bunch of squatters just play for fun, they don't give a shit about image and even though it's not the best ska band you'll ever hear, it's quite entertaining.

According to their website (which is like a relic from another internet-era), these songs were partly recorded in 2002 in Studio Turbine in Amsterdam and partly in Villa Friekens (RIP) in the Terror Studio in 2003. (By the way, this isn't the official cover, it's just something I added to it).

  1. Buurtstrijd
  2. Voedselrelluh
  3. Finse Ska
  4. Mokum is Burning
  5. Molotov Ska
  6. Alcohol
  7. Scheisse
  8. B.S.E.
  9. Zomerska
  10. Cerveza & Joder
  11. Noodweer
  12. Voormekaar

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YUMMY - Yummy LP

This was an album I had been looking for for quite some time (either digitally or analog...) and today I saw a post on the Facebook page called Bootboy Glam & Bovver Rock about this band. Since I recently found the LP on Soulseek, I decided to upload the album and post a link on the page. So why not post it on here as well?

A few years ago I started getting more into glam rock bands from the 70s. Mostly Slade, T. Rex and the Sweet, but also many 'junkshop glam' bands like Hector and especially The Jook. Then appeared out of nowhere the Italian band Giuda with their great bootstomping glam rock (at least to me they appeared out of the blue, because I had never heard their previous band Taxi).

Right now there are quite a few bands playing glamrock'ish songs, sometimes more in line with the Marc Bolan side of glam (like Faz Waltz), sometimes more Slade-like (Giuda and Shandy come to mind) and sometimes more proto-punk like very early Cock Sparrer or Slaughter and the Dogs (Suede Razors).

Browsing blogs about bootboy anthems and bovver rock, I first found out about Yummy. It's a German band that consists of skinheads playing classic skinhead reggae tunes in glamrock fashion. Their LP was edited by Mad Butcher records in 2000. Later on one of the members joined the Italian ska band 'The Offenders'. The quality of these mp3's is not the best, but at least you can hear what German skinhead reggae glamrock sounds like!

Yummy - Yummy LP (2000)

  1. Rivers of Babylon
  2. Longshot Kick the Bucket
  3. Israelites
  4. Liquidator
  5. Red Red Wine
  6. Ethiopia
  7. 007
  8. Johnny Too Bad
  9. Come Along
  10. Carry Go Bring Come
  11. You Really Got Hold Me


viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

MIHOEN! - Final show, ACU Utrecht, 6 May 2008

Wow, it's been quite a while since I've posted anything on this blog. I just haven't had much time & inspiration to post in the last few years. Mostly because I started a new blog and Facebook page which is the most comprehensive punk and hardcore calendar in Mexico. If you haven't seen it, check out mexicopunk.blogspot.com or www.facebook.com/mexicopunk!! On the blog you will also find quite a nice list of current Mexican punkbands that have downloads available on their bandcamps, so check it out to find out what's going on over here.

Now, let's get back into business with one of the bands that opened the portal to the underground punkscene for me: MIHOEN! from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Flashback to the late 90's, when I was a little kid going to 'rock nights' organized in the local youth center of my small town. Mostly mediocre grunge or new metal bands playing, but once in a while there was a punkrock band as well. Then one night, it was a punky evening with some skatepunk bands and a band called MIHOEN!. I was in awe! Fast, furious hardcore, they sang in Dutch, and they had a good sense of humour! Afterwards I think I asked the bass player, Pepijn, when and where they would play again, and bit by bit my friend and I started going to small punk gigs in squats in Utrecht and its surroundings. Who would've thought that almost two decades later I'd still be so much into this music and playing in a fast and furious punkband on the other side of the ocean....

In 2008 the bass player decided to try his luck in the USA, so the band split up. Their last gig must have been total mayhem and I wasn't there unfortunately. Mike D. (former drummer of S.A.F. and Waking the Dead amongst other projects) did a nice review about the afternoon on his www.skateordiemotherfucker.nl website. Some years later, suddenly the entire show was uploaded by Michael Dandare/Tense Reaction, so finally I could see what I missed.

I have downloaded and converted the Youtube footage (see below) to MP3, cut it into pieces and added all songtitles, so there you have it: the complete last gig of a great thrashcore band called MIHOEN!, for your listening (and viewing) pleasure!!

  1. Soundcheck
  2. Geïnstitutionaliseerde idealen
  3. Tophop Yeah!
  4. Everything has a reason
  5. Eentje voor de paus
  6. In excelsis kapitaal
  7. Nederland daar ga ik voor
  8. Gezond chauvinisme
  9. Haat
  10. Eurocratie
  11. Kopen niet kijken
  12. Pijn
  13. Uitrijking roestige plaat
  14. Feest!
  15. Auw!
  16. Hoi! Hoi! Hoi!
  17. Ruzie
  18. Nazis
  19. Nederland op z'n smalst
  20. Eigen haard blijft goud waard
  21. De fiets van Wim
  22. Mijnheer de directeur
  23. Modern fascist rednecks (Insult cover)
 Download the show

viernes, 15 de marzo de 2013

G.P.K. - Noise Molesters 1988-1989

Me acuerdo que hace varios años vi en la página de Huarache Records un anuncio de sus próximas ediciones, entre otras estaba un grupo llamado G.P.K. "la respuesta méxicana a LÄRM". Desde entonces he tenido curiosidad qué tal tocan esos Chilangos de finales de los '80. En el transcurso del tiempo aprendí que eran amigos o (ex-) integrantes de Cacofonia y Putrid Scum que tocaron en GPK.

Al fin encontré una canción en un blog de un disco editado por P.P.R. Después de bajar todo el disco, la primera canción que escuché era Noisemania de GPK. 19 segundos de ruido grabado en el baño de una vecindad o algo por estilo... Aún así, me quedé buscando más ruido de ellos. En el canal de YouTube de Anarkojunk encontré dos rolas más, Garbage Gang y El Muerte, entonces ya eran 3 rolas que conocí, un total de 43 segundos de ruido...

Apenas por fin he tenido la posibilidad de escuchar lo que parece es toda la discografía de GPK: 2 demos y NoiseMania del disco de PPR. Me imagino que es el guitarista del grupo, Alex, quién abrió un Facebook de GPK subió todas las rolas a su página de Soundcloud. He podido bajar todos para poder escucharlo mejor, menos una rola que simplemente era demasiado corto para poder bajar. Se llama "Competencia para ver quién toca más rápido" y dura 2 segundos. Entonces abajo puedes bajar el disco completo -1... Disfruta de 13:08 minutos de Puro Pinche Ruido!!!!

1. Zona Gore
2. Ya fue mucho rock para mí
3. Sin letra
4. Ruido rosado
5. Rosa salvaje
6. Nosotros también estamos en la moda de destruir la música
7. NoiseMania
8. La Bamba / Juventud frustrada
9. Hemorroidhs
10. Garbage Gang
11. El mundo bajo la uño de mi dedo gorde de mi pie izquierda
12. El muerte
13. Diarrea crónica
14. Con la misma tijera
(15. Competencia para ver quién toca más rápido)
16. Comercial tendencies
17. Chainsaw

Descarga el disco